Insight of the current and rapid developments taking place in the services sector as general, large size companies and institutions that provide their products to customers in the shape of services, there is very important terms have appeared in the current period such as Customer Experience, Consumer Behavior, and Customer Engagement. And advocated by the schools of modern management and marketing sciences.
Modern management touched on going into the depths of details until it reached the point of perfection in the art of dealing with customers.
Consequently, these theories transferred to many sectors such as the health care sector.
A modern term appeared which is the competitive advantage, which has two basic factors are:-
Customers attraction & Customers retentions
These two factors have a strong influence on either the promotion of the institution and the achievement of the highest rates of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Opinions differed about the subordination of this role within the medical facility.
In my point of view and through what most modern management schools advocate that the level of customer satisfaction is inevitable, and this is what the old schools of management praised, and now it is not only satisfying as a goal, but also the client’s emotional, human, societal, moral and behavioral attachment.
The facility is the main goal by making the customer feel that the place of service is the (only) place in which he feels comfortable, connected, safe, and relaxed. This is one of the priorities of successful senior management, through all departments.
Not only that, but the customer shares his life and confirms her permanent presence with him in his home, work, with family, and all the time when he needs it, or a reminder that he needs it.
The matter is not limited to medical service inside the health providers, but it is related to the way the customer thinks.

Modern technology has facilitated these processes in the current period and proved very successful in many service sectors, and it is now the role of health care to have an important role in this matter…

Mr. Islam Gaber, CEO.