In light of the development of the health care system witnessed by our beloved Egypt and keeping pace with the developments in this sector due to great popularity and the use of the latest technology, the competitive advantage appears strongly in the healthcare sector among medical service providers.
On the other hand, the intelligence of the beneficiary of the medical service began to appear in choosing which medical service provider would provide him with these technologies advocated by science and which he heard about around the world.

This leads to imposing this feature as a basic benefit and a basic alternative while choosing an insurance company that provides these services in concert with medical service providers, whether hospitals, Labs centers, radiology centers.
Especially the recent period began to witness bankruptcy of many companies specialized in providing their products in the form of customer service because they could not keep pace with the constant and continuous development that imposes itself strongly on the service sector in general.
We began to hear the current period of new terms, for example, but not limited to, the term artificial intelligence, which has won the passion of many interested people to provide service in order to facilitate anything that serves their interests and supports their permanent sense of satisfaction towards satisfying their basic and sub-needs, whether customers or companies themselves.
This terrible development in the field of communications and the service sector will inevitably lead to ignite the spirit of competition between companies based on providing services to their customers, which will also impose itself strongly on the health care sector in the whole world.
Everyone must be ready to keep pace with these developments from now and to prepare the available resources and employ them to keep pace with this development in order to ensure continuity and survival not only, but also competition to provide what is better and better.

Mr. Islam Gaber, CEO.