Will I keep doing this?

Day after day passes, doing the same thing. I go to my work, do the same daily job that satisfies my boss, but without revealing his approval. On the contrary, he compelled me to accept my work as if he lost all hope of educating me. I think he is trying to dissuade me from thinking about telling him my desire to increase my salary, which no longer satisfied me.





How do people earn from the Internet?

Until I “got the picture” when I asked myself that question, I opened my computer and rushed to Google. where all the first search results were pushing me to a kind of work that I did not discover Its feasibility is only after trying it, it was about some sites that display some ads to click on them, and this increases my balance in small parts of pennies, which is a simple calculation that requires me a lot of time to achieve the minimum amount that I can withdraw from these companies.

Has my first revolution come?

I have not convinced that this is the best way to make money online. Unfortunately, it could be a way for the owners of these websites to profiteer the dreams of those who want to increase their income. But of course, I did not like it, so I left these sites and decided to revolutionize my first knowledge revolution, and I went back to search until I found some sites that You pay for opinion polls I  was waiting for days to receive a survey that suits my Arab region, as this matter was somewhat rare, but the first 20 dollars came to me, I was able to receive them already, despite the small amount it was a great victory for me.

My second revolution is at the door

could I reach my goal? Have you been able to achieve financial independence? , The answer is no, so I went to YouTube and started searching until I reached a simple course that talks about affiliate marketing.

From here began a new period of interest and began to focus on learning this field, I learned, applied, and did not achieve the desired, so I went back to learning and application, the results, in turn, began to appear, I continued to learn for a long time, and my eyes became accustomed to seeing returns Exceeding 1000 dollars.

The real problem that made me look for an e-marketing course

Although I have achieved results that some may find satisfactory, I miss something important, something I did not find in the courses I attended, something that I can use to create a stable business, so I decided to learn e-marketing in its abstract form and minute details.

With the research, I found many courses, including a grant affiliated to the Ministry of Communications under the name FWD in cooperation with Udacity, where I teach e-marketing in a “course” entitled “Digital Marketing Nanodegree” Program