With the rapid development of the service sector around the world, and the healthcare sector in particular,

It should be an approach on which the development process is carried out for the benefit of everyone who wants to develop himself, whether an institution or individuals.

It can be done through sustainable training and development within the facility that trains and teaches modern methods in management that deal with the development approaches for example, but no limited as scientific research that the facility incubates, training courses, educational seminar, conferences, Sponsors for idea and important event or initiatives.

This training deals with tools that can be applied within the institution that provides service to its customers efficiently and effectively, consequently increasing the competitive advantage in providing the services which reflected in the recipient of the service.

Knowledge and science, exchanging experiences and discussing ways of developing will work to develop the healthcare system in Egypt and create a unique experience that can be transferred to the whole world, especially that we have in the field of healthcare very strong capabilities like human resources with honorable history if there is cooperation with each other, that will achieve the best achievement.

Mr. Islam Gaber, CEO.